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Closing the Digital Divide
Minority and low-income households suffer from a disparity of access to computers and technology including the Internet. By creating a community technology center for the Plainfield area, we are creating a facility that will allow individuals to learn and to utilize technology. They will be taught to capitalize on the resources available and will learn to use these resources for their personal and career development.

Creating a Learning Alternative through Music
At the Sound Lab, dreams of entering the Music Recording and Sound Technology Industries can come true. Alternative learning programs will provide hands on training and internships for youth and young adults, with sound music fundamentals in recording for audio, live-broadcasting, film and an entry in the emerging field of Internet digital audio. This is a chance to re-engage students in structured learning and teach them workplace literacy skills.

Breaking the Language Barrier
Venture & Venture and El Centro Hispanoamericano have developed a partnership to provide services to the Latino community. We are currently providing ESL, GED preparation and computer courses. Our Human Engineering skills will help students to focus their career and life purpose, as well as develop resources for them to become successful.

Helping Youth Help Themselves
Venture & Venture is working in a collaborative “team approach” drawing on the skills and resources of the family in partnership with Save A Life Today, Union County Probation Department, Plainfield Night Watch, St. Mary’s Social Services Center, the school system, Plainfield High School and other student, family and social service agencies.

Helping Families Shape Their Own Destiny
Save A Life Today project is an initiative of Union County Prosecutor’s Office to provide intervention and prevention support for at-risk youth and their families. The mission is to build stronger families through an intensive hands on program, by providing a mobile vehicle for training and development link to resources to fit the needs of each family, offering services in the home, school and community.

Youth Taking Responsibility for Their Own Destiny
Venture & Venture specializes in programs to train and develop “high risk” youth, featuring “Attitudinal Experiential Training” AET™. This training was the basis used to develop the Union County Youth Commission’s educational alternative for youth at risk of re-offending proposals for which we were funded for three years (1996 – 1999). 153 participants were screened and 137 were enrolled. 119 of these enrolled aged 15 – 20, successfully completed the training. This is an 87% success rate. 106 of them or 77% never re-offended.

Service Provider to Business & Industry Professionals
Customized screening, training and support services for clients to develop workplace literacy. Venture & Venture has incorporated AET™ as an integral process for companies interested in improving the quality of their performance and for workers interested in achieving optimum success, confidence and leadership skills.




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